High Speed Internet Service

Glandorf Telephone Company offers affordable, high quality, high speed internet service for our customers. DSL ( Digital Subscriber Line) speeds from 8M download /1M upload to 20Mbps download / 1Mps upload starting at $31.99 per month. DSL allows you to browse the internet and be on the phone at the same time. You do not need a second line.  We also offer ADSL Business line that starts at  15M download/5M upload for $89.99 to 100M download /5M upload for $159.99.  We also have SDSL Fiber (Symetrical Digital Subscriber Line) connection speeds  starting at 5M download/5M upload for $149.95 to 20M download/20M upload for $269.95.  

For our current bright.net dial up customers who want to upgrade to fast DSL speeds they can keep their current user name.

An application form can be obtained by clicking on the DSL Application Link below. Please print the form, complete and bring into our office. We will process the application and schedule a hookup.

ADSL Application for Home and Business