Local # Portability

Local Number Portability

Local number portability allows you to keep your current number while converting from your current service provider. In order to transfer your phone number, Glandorf Telephone Co., Inc. will work with your service provider to ensure that your number is transitioned.

The process of transferring your number will take approximately 7 days to complete. While the transfer is scheduled, your current telephone service will not be interrupted. During this time, you MUST maintain active paying service with your current provider. If you currently purchase other services from Glandorf Telephone Co., Inc. you MUST also maintain active paying service with Glandorf Telephone Co., Inc.

DO NOT have your current number disconnected until all transactions are completed. If you disconnect before the porting is complete, you will lose that number and probably will not be able to get it back.

For further questions, contact our business office at 419-538-6987 during business hours.