Video Package’s
Your Local Streaming Video Provider 

Glandorf FI-OPTICS offers a full lineup cable package through our streaming service.  Our cable/video service no longer requires wires to set top boxes.  In fact, the service no longer requires set top boxes.  Our service runs over your existing in home WIFI network through Amazon Fire Sticks, Apple and Android devices (ROKU will be available in the near future).   The package includes: pause, rewind, restart live TV, ability to recall most shows from the last 72 hours, 50 hours of cloud DVR (recorded programs may be saved for up to 120 days), freedom to move your TV’s around without rewiring.  The programming content is delivered to your device over an APP called RunMY.Tv on your device.  The price includes 2 viewable streams at the same time (up to 5 streams at the same time is available) and also includes Watch TV Everywhere  The price also includes a faster internet connection  (35/5) than our standard base internet (23/3).  If you are concerned about the WIFI coverage we can map out the WIFI signal in your home.  We also have in home MESH ROUTER units available to provide the best coverage possible for your location.  We offer 4 levels of programming from economy to expanded.  You will receive one FREE Firestick upon hookup.  If you disconnect during the first 6 months of service you will be billed $49.99 for that Firestick.  Call us today for current pricing and an application.

Local & Event Channel Information
Channel 2 for current and local community events. We try to keep this information updated. If you have or know an event you would like posted – please contact us. Our phone number is 419-538-6987.

ESPN3 online streaming     Print is a broadband network for live sports programming that delivers live online events a year through an interactive experience. Features include the ability to watch multiple games simultaneously, real-time stats and scoreboards, live chat for interacting with friends and other fans.  Select ESPN3 icon to go to the web page.

Closed Captioning Contact Information

Written Complaints should be addressed to: General Manager 153 S. Main St., P.O. Box 31, Glandorf, OH 45848

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