Speed Dial

Speed Dialing 8 and 30
This feature allows you to dial a preselected number by dialing a one or two digit code instead of the entire Directory Number.

Speed Dial 8 refers to the single-digit (2-9) speed dialing, which can hold up to 8 Numbers.

Speed Dial 30 refers to two-digi8t (20-49) speed dialing that can hold up to 30 Directory Numbers.

You may subscribe to both Speed Dial 8 and 30 for a total of 38 numbers.

Activate Speed Dial:
Listen for dial tone.
Press *74 for Speed Dial 8 / *75 for Speed Dial 30.
Listen for a stutter dial tone.
Dial the Speed Dial digit (2-9) or (20-49)
Enter the Directory number you wish to associate with the Speed Dial digit.
Signal the end of a directory number by dialing # or wait 4 seconds.
When the system receives and records the directory number, you will hear a confirmation stutter dial tone.
Hang up to complete the entry.

Make a Speed Dial Call:
Listen for dial tone.
Dial the Speed Dial code number (2-9) or (20-49).
Press #.

Review your Speed Dial List:
Listen for dial tone
Dial *78 or *79. An announcement plays the speed dial list for the Directory Numbers.
You can use three-way calling with Speed Dial by hitting the Flash or Switch –Hook, wait for dial tone and dial the speed dial digit.